Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Though You Writ Scripture

“Dance boogie wonderland Dance boogie wonderlandMidnight creeps so slowly into hearts”

from The SexY Jihad by Stephen Cullis

Scribe, “edacious” writ unto body makes for ravenous prophets.
Though you writ scripture forget not you are a ruler of starving princes.
Perfect yr hand.

Prefect, this Girl Eden confesses only lies i.e. names her confession
not because she is good, because the food you give her
is an obsequious lie. It is not forgiveness.

Liar, undress yr wounds. These are Roman wounds.
These wounds are Japanese. You bleed from pores. The blood
is light as stars the first occasion them SHON* un the morning.

Scribe, yr garb of wires sparks electric lightning bolts.
Zeus Arcing Electronic of the Genome School, laser scalpels
beam from yr bent crown like thorns.

Scribe, survivors workshop the gestured kerning of yr script.
Capitalise Your Name When You Sign The Wounds.
Electrocute those pilgrims po’faced senseless dead-womb’d high on oil fumes.

Gastronome, starve the tiny bird then offer it rich seed.
Watch it stuff itself then lift ‘tween finger and thumb,
drown in brandy glass. Swallow whole.

Swallow the fig-shaped fruit of believers’ offering hole.
Do not chew the flesh of apple pie-fed worshippers i.e.
the chequered picnic of the saviour.

Saviour, protect the flavour of raw fear.
Eat beneath yr napkin to conceal the shameful glut
of magnanimity.

Scribe, a hundred tiny hands touch yr aorta,
pet and squeeze yr atrium, like birds gyrate on currents
inside yr breached casement.

Scribe, dark swallows populate yr intimate system,
dip their elegant tails in influenced blood,
confess a perfect scripture unto yr masticated body.

*SHON: Surface Hors Oeuvre Nette (French: Overall Surface Clear)

(c) 2006 JL Williams


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